Nemo Diaper Cake Template


Each Nemo Diaper Cake Template comes complete with the following:

– Three unique, picturesque wrap-arounds for each tier of your diaper cake.

– Plenty of cut-outs to decorate around the entire cake all part of the Nemo “Under the Sea” theme.

– Complete instructions on how to make a basic, three tiered diaper cake.

– Detailed instructions on how to use this specific Diaper Cake Template to make a fantastic custom diaper cake that you will be proud to give or share.

– Picture of the completed diaper cake using the Diaper Cake Templates.

It’s easy, fun and simple!  These Diaper Cakes will be an appreciated gift and the hit of the baby shower!  Customize them however you would like using stuffed animals, rattles, pacifiers, baby spoons, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination!  Another great benefit of Printable Diaper Cake Templates is that they can be printed over and over again so you can make as many diaper cakes as you want!  This really makes them economical!  Have fun!  Be happy! Enjoy being “Under The Sea”!



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Let the Nemo Diaper Cake theme complete with Nemo the happy, friendly fish lead you on a fun “under the sea” adventure!  This Nemo diaper cake is complete with colorful sea creatures including sea horses, playful turtles and beautiful starfish!   There is no easier way to make a beautiful, diaper cake simply and inexpensively!  The Nemo Diaper Cake Template makes a great baby gift and also a fantastic baby shower center piece!

Making a diaper cake can be a challenge.  First you have to decide upon the theme, then gather all the components and  finally assemble everything.  All of this can be very time consuming and expensive.   Diaper Cake Templates have made all of this much easier.  All you need to do is choose your theme from the many options available with more being designed frequently.  Once you have chosen your theme, simply download to your computer and either print out the templates on your home computer or take to your local printer.  Once you have printed out the templates, simply cut them out and assemble them on your diaper cake.

Don’t know how to make a basic diaper cake?  No worries!  Each Diaper Cake Template comes with complete instructions, including pictures, on how to make a great diaper cake.  Learn the tricks and tips that make the whole process predictable and simple.

While the diaper cakes look fantastic with just the templates,  you can further customize your nautical diaper cake with small stuffed animals, pacifiers, baby spoons, pictures, etc.  While this adds to the overall cost of the completed diaper cake, it is definitely an option.

It’s fun, easy and inexpensive!  Most of all, have fun!


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