Princess Diaper Cake Template




This Princess diaper cake template kit comes complete with the following:

– Three unique diaper cake wrap-arounds for each of the tiers of your diaper cake.  These wrap-arounds build the complete castle from the door to the top spire.

– Easy to cut-out characters that are placed on the diaper cake to give it a dramatic 3-D dimension.

– Complete instructions with pictures on how to make the basic diaper cake along with instructions on how to use the templates to make a fantastic diaper cake!

Finally, another great feature of Printable Diaper Cake Templates is that you can print them over and over again!  This allows you to make as many diaper cakes as you want thus making the Printable Diaper Cake Templates extremely cost effective!

Have fun and enjoy!

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Princess Diaper Cake – the making of a dream!

This medieval themed Princess Diaper Cake, complete with the princess, king, queen and guards, reminds us that the new arrival is indeed the princess of her castle and parent’s hearts.  This diaper cake takes us back in time and allows us to use our imagination of living in the magic castle and fighting the fire breathing dragons!

Making a diaper cake can be challenging.  First you have to decide on the theme, decide on the components, find and gather the components and finally assemble the diaper cake.  This can be overwhelming and expensive for the first time diaper cake builder.  Well, Diaper Cake Templates make this process extremely easy and help you create a fantastic diaper cake on your first attempt.

All you need to do is choose your desired theme from the many currently available (more coming regularly).  Simply download your template to your computer and print on your home printer or take to your local printer.  You can use regular copy paper or, for even better results, print on heavier paper that is available at your paper goods store or online.  We even give you the paper specifics in our complete instructions.

Once you have printed out the templates, simply cut them out and place on your basic diaper cake.  Don’t know how to make a basic diaper cake – no worries!  Each Diaper Cake Template comes with complete instructions, along with pictures, on how to make your basic diaper cake in addition to how to use the Diaper Cake Templates to create a fantastic diaper cake on your first attempt!

Its fun, easy and inexpensive!!!  While the Diaper Cake Templates look great on their own, if you desire to further customize your diaper cake, you can add personal touches such as small stuffed animals, infant spoons, pacifiers, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination!!  Be creative and, most of all, have fun!!




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