DON’T BE OWLY Diaper Cake Template


We all get a little cranky sometimes! Let the happy Diaper Cake Owl remind us not to be owly!

This printable diaper cake template comes complete with:

–  instructions on how to make a basic owl diaper cake

–  instructions on how to print off and use your printable diaper cake template

–  picture of completed owl cake for your reference

Finally, another great feature of Printable Diaper Cake Templates is that you can print them over and over again!  This allows you to make as many diaper cakes as you want thus making the Printable Diaper Cake Templates extremely cost effective!

Have fun and enjoy!

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This owl diaper cake is a unique variation of a traditional diaper cake.  While very easy to make with the diaper cake templates, it can be further customized by adding special items to the base including pacifiers, baby spoons, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Our diaper cake template comes with complete instructions on how to make an owl diaper cake that will be sure to bring smiles to anyone who sees it.  This is a versatile design the would be a great gift for either baby boys or baby girls.  In addition, it makes a unique baby shower center piece.


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