Cinderella Diaper Cake


Each Printable Cinderella Diaper Cake Template includes:

-Three unique, colorful wrap-arounds for each tier of your diaper cake.

-Cut-outs of Cinderella, Mary, Jag and Gus and many more to place on each tier of your diaper cake to give it a three dimensional look.

Each diaper cake template comes complete with instructions on how to construct a basic diaper cake along with detailed instructions on how to use this template.

It’s easy! Simply download the template, print each page, cut out and place on the cake securing with tape and tabs as needed. You can even customize each cake by adding small toys, pacifiers, baby spoon, stuffed animals, etc.

Finally, another great feature of Printable Diaper Cake Templates is that you can print them over and over again so you can make as many diaper cakes as you want! This makes using Printable Diaper Cake Templates extremely economical! Have fun and enjoy!

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Cinderella Diaper Cake

Most little girls grew up with dreams of being Cinderella. Now you can give them a head start with a Cinderella Diaper Cake that can be easily and economically made using our Printable Diaper Cake Templates! Each Cinderella Printable Diaper Cake Template has the favorite characters including Cinderella, Fairy God Mother, Mary, Jag and Gus and more. There is also the cottage, carriage and the castle to add to the story! Cinderella Diaper Cakes make great shower gifts or can serve as the centerpiece for the baby shower. The templates can also be used to wrap gifts, serve as decorations or anything else you can imagine.

Making this unique Cinderella Diaper Cake is easy. After purchasing the Printable Diaper Cake Template, you will receive instructions via email on downloading, saving and printing the Diaper Cake Template. After you download the Printable Diaper Cake Template on your home computer, simply print it out on your printer, cut it out and assemble on your diaper cake. If you don’t have a home printer, no problem, simply download the Printable Diaper Cake Template to a CD or pin-drive and take it to your local print shop for printing.

Want to make multiple diaper cakes or have enough template designs for other uses, simply print as many of the templates as you need! Once the template is downloaded and saved on your computer, you can pull it up and print as needed.

A Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake can be enjoyed by all ages and is sure to be the hit of the party? Just watch our video on using Printable Diaper Cake Templates to see how easy it is!


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