Baby Giraffe Diaper Cake Template


This happy giraffe themed diaper cake template includes:

-Three unique, colorful wrap-arounds for each tier of your diaper cake.

-Cut-outs of cute giraffes, fun baby bottles and colorful rattle to place on your diaper cake to provide a three dimensional look.

Each diaper cake template comes complete with instructions on how to make a basic diaper cake along with the complete instructions on how to use this template.

It’s easy!  Simply print out each page, cut out and place on the cake securing with tapes or tabs as needed.  You can even further customize your diaper cake by adding unique items such as small toys, stuffed animals, pacifiers, baby spoons etc.

Finally, another great feature of Printable Diaper Cake Templates is that  you can print them over and over again!  This allows you to make as many diaper cakes as you want making the Diaper Cake Templates extremely cost effective!

Have fun and enjoy!


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Let the happy giraffes bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees them on this cute Giraffe Diaper Cake.  The baby bottles, rattles and colorful flowers complete the scene.

This not only makes a great diaper cake gift but also a fantastic baby shower centerpiece.

Though each baby giraffe cake looks great only using the diaper cake template, you can further customize your cake with:

  • small toys
  • stuffed animals
  • pacifiers
  • baby spoons
  • pictures
  • etc.

The goal is to have some fun and create a unique, memorable diaper cake.  It will definitely be appreciated by the new parents who can ALWAYS use more diapers!


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