All Diaper Cake Templates +Free eBook

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Package Of All Available Diaper Cake Template Designs For Only $24.99 – Over A $100 Value!!

Why buy only two or three designs when you can have it all??

Each Diaper Cake Template comes complete with:

– Colorful, fun wrap-arounds for each tier of your cake.

– Plenty of happy, playful cut-outs for placement around the entire cake so it looks great from any angle.

– Complete instructions on how to make a basic three-tiered diaper cake that can be easily decorated, modified and transported.  Learn the tips to success!!.

– Complete instructions on how to use this Diaper Cake Template to make a fantastic diaper cake.

– A picture of what your completed diaper cake might look like.  Of course, you have total control and are only limited by your imagination!

–  For the wrap-arounds, simply cut out, wrap around the appropriate tier and secure with tape.

–  For the cut-outs, simply cut out and place on the cake as desired.  The tabs allow you to place anywhere on the cake you desire.  Either stick the tabs between the layers of the diaper cake or secure with tape as desired.

Finally, each Diaper Cake Template can be printed over and over again so you can make as many diaper cakes as you want!  This makes using the templates to be extremely cost effective!

Also included is our popular ebook ($12.99 value) theguidetoultimatediapercakes

Have fun and enjoy!


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Get all Diaper Cake Templates for just $24.99 which is worth over $100 in value!

Individual Diaper Cake Templates are already a GOOD deal at $5.99 each, a GREAT when you buy two to five Diaper Cake Templates but an UNBELIEVABLE deal when you purchase all of the available Diaper Cake Templates for only $24.99!

With all of the Diaper Cake Templates saved to your computer, you can print any and all of the beautiful Diaper Cake Templates as often as you want.  This allows you to make as many diaper cakes as you need whenever you need them.  Just choose the template theme that you want, print it on your home computer, easily cut it out and assemble. What could possibly be more convenient?

Diaper Cake Templates are so easy to use, they make a great project for children who would like to help make a great, unique baby gift for new siblings, cousins or just friends.

The characters on the various Diaper Cake Templates can also be cut out and used to decorate other gift packages, used as decorations as well as many other uses.  With your home printer, you can easily print just the pages you want to use.  In other words, if you just want to print sheets of characters, you can do so without having to print the entire template.  This saves money in paper and ink and allows easy use of the characters of the template to be adapted for many other uses.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bri Elliott (verified owner)

    Such a good deal! I have a lot of friends having babies, so it’s nice to have these templates downloaded and ready to go when I need one:)

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