How To Make A Diaper Cake Using “Diaper Cake Templates”

Want to make a diaper cake but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have seen pictures of some really cute diaper cakes online.  You may even have seen a diaper cake at a baby shower or birthday party for a new infant.  You probably thought that the diaper cake was not only cute but also very useful since diapers are always an appreciated commodity when babies are involved.  You may have entertained the thought that a diaper cake would be a great gift for you to give the next time you are invited to a baby shower or party.

At that point, you probably searched online for diaper cakes, found some great looking ones and then went into sticker shock when you saw the price of the pre-made diaper cake.  Then, you probably thought that you would just make your own diaper cake and probably save a lot of money.  Only problem, you weren’t sure how to make a diaper cake or how to even start.

Well, if this is the case, we have some great news for you -Diaper Cake Templates!

At first glance, making a diaper cake looks very simple!

While making a diaper cake is not particularly difficult, there are many tips and tricks that can make the process easier and the final  product better.  You have many things you need to decide:

  •  theme
  • color scheme
  • size of diaper cake you would like to make
  • type and brand of diapers
  • base and center support  needed for the diaper cakee
  • number of diapers needed (based on size of cake desired)
  • what decorations you are going to use
  • plus much more!

Then, once you have all of that decided, you have to start building your diaper cake.

At this point you are faced with more questions such as:the best way to secure the diapers to make the tiers

  • how to secure the tiers to each other
  • configuring the decorations and attaching to the diaper cake
  • how to package your completed diaper cake for transporting to the site of the party


GREAT NEWS!  We have made your life easier with Printable Diaper Cake Templates!

Our Diaper Cake Templates allow you to easily choose a theme for your cake from a large number of pre-made templates.   Each template is professional designed by a graphic artist for maximum quality.   Our themes have whimsical animals and characters in fun, colorful settings consisting of trees, skies, clouds and buildings.

Once you have chosen your theme, simply download the template to your computer and print out the template on you home computer.  Once printed, simply cut out the wraparounds for the tiers of the cake along with the colorful animals and characters and attach to your diaper cake.

To help you with this, each template has detailed instructions complete with pictures to help make this entire process as easy and fast as possible.  We show you how to attach the cut-outs to give the diaper cakes to give them an interesting 3-D effect.  The instructions also tell you specifically what paper works the best with the templates and where you can get the paper if you don’t have a stationary store close to you.

Another option to printing the templates on your home printer is to copy the template file to a pin-drive and take to your local print shop for printing.  You can probably simply e-mail the file to your local shop for printing and either picking the printed templates up or have them mailed to you.

The diaper cakes look great with just the templates alone.  However, once the templates are attached to the diaper cake, you can further customize your cake by adding small items such as:

  • pacifiers
  • rattles
  • baby spoons
  • pictures
  • etc.

Have fun!  You are only limited by your imagination!


We help you with the basic construction of your cake, too!

We don’t only show you how to use the Diaper Cake Templates, we also show you how to make the basic cake itself.  Each Diaper Cake Template comes with complete instructions on how to make the cake.  There are many tips and tricks to help you make your diaper cake as easily and efficiently as possible.  Whether this is your first diaper cake or you have made many, you will find the instructions very beneficial.


There are many advantages to  Diaper Cake Templates over traditional diaper cakes.

  • You can make multiple cakes from a single design.   Simply download the template to your computer once and print it as many times as you want.
  • You can have a number of template designs loaded on your computer so they are readily available when needed in short notice.
  • Diaper Cake Templates are significantly  more cost effective than traditional diaper cakes which can easily cost over $100 plus shipping!
  • You can make any size diaper cake you desire.  For bigger cakes, all you need to do is print additional template sections to fit around the bigger cake or additional tiers.
  • Diaper Cake Templates don’t require additional customization to look great.  This helps control cost and increases ease of use.
  • Incredible simplicity!
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