Homemade Diaper Cakes for Girls- 20 Easy DIY Diaper Cake Tips

It can be so much fun to make diaper cakes for girls! There are so many ways you can customize your design. All it takes is a little thought and creativity to come up with something beautiful and original. The best part is that there are so many options available that you don’t have to stick with plain pink!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 1: Add a Fluffy Plushie to Diaper Cakes

A small plush animal can make diaper cakes for girls feel fuller and more detailed. You can even use a template like our Let’s Talk to the Animals diaper cake  with a matching stuffed critter on top!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 2: Name the Diaper Cake Animals

Want to make your DIY diaper cakes more personal? Use a marker or crayon to write on the names of the baby’s immediate family. For example, with the template linked above, you could add mom, dad and the siblings’ names to each animal!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 3: 3D Accents Really Make the Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes for girls look even more eye-catching with a few 3D accents. You don’t have to add a lot, just one or two items is enough to give it depth. A draping of fish net will look fabulous on our Ahoy Little Mate diaper cake template.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 4: Diaper Cakes for Girls with Themed Toys

Display your diaper cake with a few matching toys on it or on the table around it. For example, our Little Princess of Her Castle diaper cake template looks charming with princess dolls and/or plastic horses.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 5: Make Your Diaper Cakes Shimmer

A little bit of shine goes a long way. Spend some extra time glittering up your template. Designs like our Little Princess of Her Castle (see link above) looks stunning with some glitter glue applied to the crowns and dresses.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 6: Light Up Your Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes for girls are a popular choice for baby shower décor. If you plan to include yours in the shower, try adding a string of lights to it! Just make sure you set it up on a table with a nearby power outlet.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 7: Texture Makes Diaper Cakes Interesting

Add a bit of texture to your diaper cakes by gluing on crinkled tissue paper, sand, sequins and other kid-friendly materials.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 8: A Fitting Diaper Cake Base

Add a themed base to your diaper cake! For example, the Don’t Be Owly diaper cake template looks adorable with some branches or a fake “nest” surrounding its bottom.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 9: Fabric Accents for Diaper Cakes

A length of fabric can take your diaper cake ideas even farther. Wrap silky fabric around the base of a castle template or add a banner that wraps up and over each layer!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 10: Bring the Real Thing!

A prop can be used to make your diaper cake stand out. Set a few bunches of bananas around the Monkey diaper cake. Shower guests will love it and the new mom and dad will have something healthy to snack on afterwards!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 11: Diaper Cakes & Googly Eyes

Make your diaper cake ideas more fun by gluing on sets of googly eyes! Designs like our Little Ladybug diaper cake template  are a great choice for this adorable customization.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 12: Accessorize Your Diaper Cakes

Little hair clips and headbands are popular accessories for babies. You can also use them in your diaper cakes for girls. Clip on or hang these gifts on the diaper cake décor for an all-in-one gift that requires no additional gift wrap!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 13: A Shout Out to Mom & Dad

Diaper cakes for girls are typically made with babies in mind, but don’t forget about the hardworking parents! Give mom and dad a little shout out by adding something specific to them. For example, a sports-loving couple will enjoy seeing their favorite team pennant dangling from the top of the cake!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 14: Make a Cake that Matches the Shower Theme

If you aren’t involved with shower planning, find out if there will be a theme. Your homemade diaper cake will look even better if it blends with the event’s décor or color scheme.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 15: Photos for Your Diaper Cakes

Another way to personalize diaper cakes for girls is to add a photograph. Find a great snapshot of the family and place it on one of the layers or perch it right on top. A family picnic photo would look amazing on top of the Little Ladybug diaper cake!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 16: Add the Baby’s Name

Whether you plan to write on family members’ names or not, you can always add the newborn’s name to your diaper cake. Buy custom printed ribbon or write it on a piece of paper or fabric to make your own banner or flag to hang on the cake!

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 17: Miniature Accents for Big Diaper Cakes

Miniature accents look great with diaper cakes for girls! If you’re using the Old McDonald template, display a few mini hay bales (the kind often used in Christmas village displays), a tractor toy or a cow figure.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 18: Decorative Diaper Necessities

If you plan to include necessities like creams, wipes or a changing pad, decorate them to match your diaper cake! Print additional copies of your template then cut them as needed to add to your other gift items.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 19: Save Money on Centerpieces

Decorating for a baby shower can get expensive. Instead, make small diaper cakes for girls and place them on each table as a centerpiece that’s also a gift! You can even skip the top layer and just use one or two tiers with their corresponding printable template pieces.

DIY Diaper Cakes for Girls Tip 20: Wash Cloth Roses for Diaper Cakes

Baby wash cloths and other fabric items can be folded and twisted into beautiful faux blossoms. This decoration idea looks gorgeous with the Little Princess and Little Ladybug diaper cakes!

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